Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group

A non-profit organisation for those interested in proton, light ion and heavy charged particle radiotherapy

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PTCOG 55 Annual Conference,
22-28 May 2016, in Prague

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PTCOG-NA 3rd Annual Conference,
23-26 October 2016, Memphis, TN.

International Journal of Particle Therapy

23315180 2.4.cover  Volume 2, Issue 4
(Spring 2016)


IJPT is the official journal of PTCOG. The mission of IJPT is to establish a scholarly forum through which particle therapy can be explored and discussed by disseminating the most up-to-date information in all aspects of particle therapy, including physics and biology, clinical outcomes, treatment planning, operational and socio-economical issues, and technical development. IJPT is an electronic open-access journal.