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Lymphoma Subcommittee


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1) Understand the problems with photon radiation in management with lymphoma 

2) Demonstrate the potential benefit of using proton therapy dosimetry to improve upon the limitations of photon radiation listed in Charge 1) 

3) Review the current clinical data for using proton therapy in lymphoma and evidence for similarity in disease control

4) Understand which patients are currently receiving proton therapy for lymphoma

5) Share experience regarding how patients are being treated using proton therapy, including treatment planning challenges and developing
   best practices.

6) Provide opportunity for collaborative studies among centers evaluating proton therapy in larger combined cohorts

   a.  Hodgkin lymphoma

   b.  Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

   c.  Relapsed/Refractory lymphoma

7) Develop Prospective research: We would like to develop a lymphoma registry combining both proton and photon patients to collect both dosimetric
   data and clinical outcomes, in order to identify benefits from proton therapy long term. This registry could be developed in collaboration with ILROG


PTCOG Lymphoma Subcommittee Work:

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