Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group

An organisation for those interested in proton, light ion and heavy charged particle radiotherapy

The PTCOG Robert R. Wilson Award for Significant Contributions to the field of Particle Therapy

Any PTCOG Member can suggest a nomination and submit it to the PTCOG Secretary. At least three Members of the Steering Committee must support this nomination and write letters of support. The nominations and letters of support are presented to the Executive Committee.

Nomination letters, including the nomination form and supporting letters from PTCOG Steering Committee Members must reach the PTCOG Secretariat ( no later than end of December 2019.

PTCOG Robert R. Wilson Award

PTCOG 58 - Conference 2019

The slides of lectures from the Educational Session and the Oral Presentations and e-Posters of the Scientific Meeting of PTCOG 58 in Manchester, June 10-15, 2019, are now available for registered PTCOG Members.

Presentations of PTCOG 58 Conference

Statistics about patients treated with particles

Per end of 2018 more than 220'000 patients have been treated wordwide with Particle Therapy.
About 190'000 have been treated with protons, about 28'000 with C-ions and about 3'500 with He, pions and other ions.

PTCOG Patient Treatment Statistics

International Journal of Particle Therapy now indexed in PMC!

The International Journal of Particle Therapy, Vol. 6, Issue 2 (Fall 2019), is available!

Follow this link: IJPT Vol. 6, Issue 2 (Fall 2019)

Particle Therapy Clinical Trials

Updated list of clinical trials in particle therapy available.

Clinical Trials, update January 2019

Conferences and Workshops -- Hold the Date

Check the link below for Workshops and Conferences:

Conferences, Workshops

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