Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group

An organisation for those interested in proton, light ion and heavy charged particle radiotherapy

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Past PTCOG Meetings since 1985
(with links to historical documents, minutes and abstracts and presentations of meetings & conferences)

 PTCOG Date of meetings, links to minutes, abstracts and other documents
Location Country
 - 1/23/1985, Charges; 1/24/1985, Agenda; 2/8/1985, Workshop Fermilab, Batavia, IL. USA
 - 8/22/1985, Agenda; 1st Mission Statement for PTCOG Fermilab, Batavia, IL. USA
I 9/18/1985, Agenda; PTCOG formation; Minutes HCL, Boston, MA. USA
II 10/24/1985, Agenda; Minutes of first Technical Meeting; 2nd Mission Statement for PTCOG St. Louis, MO. USA
III 1/22/1986, Agenda; Minutes of first Annual Meeting of PTCOG; Working Group reports Fermilab, Batavia, IL. USA
IV 6/26/1986, Agenda; Minutes Fermilab, Batavia, IL. USA
V 12/01/1986, Agenda; Minutes; 1st International Workshop of PTCOG LBL, Berkeley, CA. USA
VI 4/13/1987, Agenda; Minutes Fermilab, Batavia, IL. USA
VII 10/12/1987, Agenda; Minutes n.a. Loma Linda, CA. USA
- 1/19/1988, Agenda; beam scanning workshop at LBL LBL, Berkeley, CA. USA
VIII 4/07/1988, Agenda, first meeting outside of the USA TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC Canada
IX 9/29/1988, Agenda; Minutes n.a. MGH/HCL, Cambridge, MA. USA
X 4/03/1989, Announcement & Agenda Fermilab, Batavia, IL. USA
XI 9/18/1989, Agenda & Minutes; first meeting in Europe PSI, Villigen, AG. Switzerland
XII 5/06/1990, Announcement & AgendaAccelerator Subgroup Meeting
LLUMC, Loma Linda, CA. USA
XIII 11/01/1990, Agenda LBL, Berkeley, CA. USA
XIV 5/21/1991, Abstracts MGH/HCL, Cambridge, MA. USA
XV 9/23/1991, Abstracts/Minutes n.a. GSI, Darmstadt Germany
XVI 3/30/1992, Abstracts TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC. Canada
XVII 10/26/1992, Abstracts LLUMC, Loma Linda, CA. USA
XVIII 4/16/1993, Abstracts, first split meeting, two locations CPO, Orsay & CAL, Nice France
XIX 10/31/1993, Abstracts MGH/HCL, Cambridge, MA. USA
XX 5/16/1994, Abstracts Clatterbridge, Chester England
XXI 11/14/1994, first meeting in Asia HIMAC, NIRS, Chiba Japan
XXII 4/24/1995, Abstracts San Francisco, CA. USA
XXIII 10/17/1995, Abstracts, first meeting in Africa; Neutron Symposium NAC, Cape Town S. Africa
XXIV 4/24/1996, Abstracts Detroit, MI. USA
XXV 9/09/1996, Abstracts PSI, Villigen, AG. & CERN, Geneva Switzerland
XXVI 4/30/1997, Abstracts NPTC, MGH, Boston, MA. USA
XXVII 11/17/1997, Abstracts HIMAC, NIRS, Chiba Japan
XXVIII 4/15/1998, Abstracts LLUMC, Rancho, Mirage, CA. USA
XXIX 9/14/1998, Abstracts DKFZ, Heidelberg & GSI, Darmstadt Germany
XXX 4/12/1999, Abstracts NAC, Cape Town S. Africa
XXXI 10/11/1999, Abstracts MPRI, Bloomington, IN. USA
XXXII 4/15/2000, Abstracts TSL, Uppsala Sweden
XXXIII 9/25/2000, Abstracts HMI, Berlin Germany
XXXIV 6/11/2001, Abstracts; change PTCOG 'P'='p'roton to 'p'article NPTC, MGH, Boston, MA. USA
XXXV 11/14/2001, Abstracts PMRC, Tsukuba Japan
XXXVI 4/29/2002, Abstracts INFN, Catania Italy
XXXVII 10/28/2002, Abstracts iThemba, Cape Town S. Africa
38 5/14/2003, Abstracts Clatterbridge, Chester England
39 10/26/2003, Abstracts LBL, Berkeley, San Francisco, CA. USA
40 6/16/2004, Abstracts CPO, Orsay & Institute Curie, Paris France
41 10/10/2004, Abstracts MPRI, Bloomington, IN. USA
42 6/08/2005, Abstracts NCC & Shizuoka, Tokyo Japan
43 12/11/2005, Program & Abstracts, first time parallel sessions RPTC, Munich Germany
44 6/14/2006, Program & Abstracts, scanning/passive scattering w'shop PSI, Villigen, AG. Switzerland
45 10/07/2006, Program & Abstracts; beam scanning workshop MD Anderson, Houston, TX. USA
46 5/18/2007, Scientific Program;  start Educational Sessions WPTC, Wanjie, Zi-Bo China
47 5/19/2008, Educational Workshop & Scientific Meeting UFPTI, Jacksonville, FL. USA
48 9/28/2009, Educational Workshop & Scientific Meeting DKFZ, Heidelberg Germany
49 5/17/2010, 25 years since PTCOG was formed NIRS, Chiba & GHMC, Maebashi Japan
50 5/08/2011, 50th PTCOG Meeting (anniversary) UPenn, Philadelphia, PA. USA
51 5/14/2012, Program & Talks NCC, Seoul S. Korea
52 6/02/2013, Program & Talks WPE, Essen Germany
53 6/09/2014, Education Session & Scientific Meeting SHIPC, Shanghai China
54 5/18/2015, Education Session & Scientific Meeting Scripps PTC, San Diego, CA. USA
55 5/23/2016, Education Session & Scientific Meeting PTC Prague, Prague Czech Republic
56 5/08/2017, Education Session & Scientific Meeting NIRS, Chiba & KCC, Kanagawa Japan
57 5/21/2018, Education Session & Scientific Meeting Univ. Cincinnati & Childrens Hospital, OH USA
58 6/10/2019, Education Session & Scientific Meeting The Christie NHS, Manchester UK

Many thanks to Janet Sisterson and to Michael Goitein for delivering historical documents about the Beginning of PTCOG.