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PTCOG Scientific Program Subcommittee

The PTCOG Scientific Program Subcommittee was authorized at the PTCOG 54 Steering Committee Meeting.

The main charge of the PTCOG Scientific Program Sub- Committee is the organization of the Scientific Meeting of PTCOG Conferences and the management of the selection process of Abstracts for presentation at the Scientific Meeting, both in close collaboration with the local hosts of the Conferences.

The Committee is headed actually by the following Chairpersons:


Anita Mahajan, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN., USA


Antony Lomax, PSI, Villigen, AG, Switzerland


Marcelo Vazquez, LLUMC, Loma Linda, CA., USA

PTCOG Members are supporting the evaluation and selection process of the Abstracts for the Scientific Meetings. If you are a registered PTCOG Member and interested to join, please contact one of the Chairpersons above.