Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group

An organisation for those interested in proton, light ion and heavy charged particle radiotherapy

PTCOG Honorary Members

The category "PTCOG Honorary Member" was created in 2001 by PTCOG Steering Committee. This award is bestowed by the Steering Committee on a member who satisfied the following criteria:

- Has played a sgnificant role in the leadership, organization and promotion of particle therapy.
- Has reached some maturity of years.

The PTCOG Steering Committe elected the following persons as PTCOG Honorary Members:

Herman D. Suit
James Slater
L.L. Goldin
Kiyomitsu Kawachi
Bernie Gottschalk
Daniel Miller
Michael Goitein
Andy Koehler
M. R. Raju
William Chu
Joseph Castro
Yasuyuki Akine
John Gueulette
Janet Sisterson
Alfred Smith
Eros Pedroni
John Munzenrider
James Cox
Gerhard Kraft
Hirohiko Tsujii
Gudrun Goitein
Erik Blomquist
Zelig Tochner
Roberto Orecchia